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Car Cleaning Chores: Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Guide

A great car is everyone’s dream. We all wish to own that sparkling new model of the car. But the sorrow is the cars we own does not seem to remain sparklingly clean as the time passes. Yes, we do wash and wipe the exteriors; we know how to keep the glasses spotless anyhow. But for the interiors, what is to be done to get rid of all that dust, dirt and waste lying on my car floor, on the dashboard and all those door pockets where my hand would just refuse reach out and clean the dust accumulated there in?

The answer to the above question is a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

Why a handheld vacuum cleaner is the best choice to vacuum your car? It is so because you don’t have to park your car near to a power supply plug while vacuuming it. Moreover, the handheld vacuum cleaners (see handheld vacuum reviews) are of compact size and very light weight, which makes them perfect for using them in the car and the not-so-easy-to-reach areas of the car.

Another reason for choosing a handheld vacuum cleaner for vacuuming a car is that it is so small in size that it can be stored in the car trunk and can be carried along on your drives without utilizing much of the space in the car trunk.

Okay, I own one. But I don’t really know how to make this vacuum cleaning task less tiring. I don’t want to get tired on my weekends while vacuum cleaning my car interiors. I need a simple guide to help me in this task.

If above mentioned or something very similar to it is your problem, do not worry any more. We have found the expert guidelines for easily vacuum cleaning the car. The guidelines are listed below step by step for easy reference and following.

So, today is your day out in sun with your beloved car. You are all ready to pay back the whole week’s favor to your drive by helping it look really very clean, tidy, fresh and spotless both from inside and outside.

First of all, empty your car. The whole week has been fun. You have been drinking Pepsi, eating chips, spilling some of them in your car; you have been smoking on those long drives letting the ash tray to overflow on the foot mats. Your party day evidences are those hair that lie on the seats and the floor of your car. First, you have to take out everything that can be held with your hand. Take out all the clothes, trash cans etc.

Empty your dash box. Keep your documents safely. Remove all the stuff from the seat pockets and other cup holders and window pockets. Remove everything that does not belong to the car as a part of it.

Now is the turn of the floor mats. Carefully take them out. Strike the car mats against ground and against each other. This will help the loose dust particles to get removed from the mats. The mats are to be vacuumed cleaned separately afterwards.

Next task is to vacuum clean the bare floor of the car. Attach wide brush tool to the vacuum cleaner to clean the open areas of the floor. For the corners and the surface area under the seats, you may use smaller brush with the extendable hose that shall help in reaching to the hidden places.

While vacuum cleaning the area under the seats of your car, keep moving and sliding the seats forward and backward to get an easy access to the larger surface area.

After finishing the job on open wide area, now you have to vacuum the narrow areas like under the brake and clutch peddles and small and hidden area of consoles and also the area between the seats. Use smaller brush for this purpose.

Often, the floor carpet of the car gets stained because of various liquid spills. To get a perfectly spotless carpet, you need to make use of liquid carpet cleaner. Use required amount of carpet cleaner on the carpet and leave it as it is for few minutes. After that, vacuum clean the spot area to dry off the liquid carpet cleaner. This task has to be repeated till the cleaner is perfectly removed from the carpet. 

Now it is the turn for your dashboard. A soft brush tool accessory must be used to vacuum clean this area. The doors and the front and rear glasses of the car must be vacuumed cleaned by making use of the soft and smaller brush. The shiner must be used on the dashboard and the door interiors only after vacuum cleaning them because otherwise the accumulated dust might make a mess when you use the shiner on the unclean surface.

The seats are the softest interior of the car. They must be vacuumed very carefully. The trick is to use the best fit accessory brush. Use the smallest and very soft brush that can reach to the area formed by the seat and its back where most of the dust accumulates. You need to carefully insert the small brush in that part to suck the dust and hair from that hidden area.

Often when we vacuum clean our car, we forget about the trunk area. This area should not be left neglected as this is the area which is put to maximum dust prone storage. Just use the wide brush accessory of you vacuum cleaner and clean the floor and side surfaces of the trunk.

Now is the turn to clean your car’s foot mats which you pulled out in the starting of your vacuum cleaning job. Generally, the dust and dirt on the foot mats is of loose particles’ type which gets off only on shaking and striking the mats. But some kind of waste objects like pet or human hair or food remaining need to be cleared with the help of vacuum cleaner. Spread the mats on the floor and vacuum them gradually with use of broad beater brush.

Happy vacuum cleaning!

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Getting The Best Vacuum Cleaner

Picking a vacuum cleaner for your home ought to be a choice that has to be thoroughly considered. Technology has gifted mankind with varieties of features that would enable you and all to get something that would be fulfilling your need. Presently I don't view myself as to be a master on vacuum cleaners, notwithstanding I do have far reaching knowledge utilizing the diverse brands and models.

The main thing to remember is the area of your home.

Vacuum cleaners arrive in a variety of sizes and weights. While a medium size vacuum cleaner has the capacity make a powerful showing on most homes, some bigger houses will oblige a full size machine. Pick a weight and size that you are agreeable and comfortable with.

Consider the different attachments

Dust can get all over; particularly in hard to clean dust on heights, so you ought to additionally examine the attachments on the vacuum cleaner you are considering. A few vacuums cleaners will have a larger number of attachments than others; however your machine must incorporate, in any event, a delicate swarmed tidying brush, exposed floor, upholstery, and cleft instruments.


Regardless of what number of extravagant accessories your vacuum cleaner has, in the event that it misses the mark on its essential capacity then it’s a second rate machine. Numerous vacuum cleaners have a suction control switch which ought to be accessible readily available, permitting simple operation. Vacuuming floor covering obliges more suction than vacuuming curtains, for instance, consequently the extraordinary requirement for suction control.

Length of the cord

Few things are more irritating than being partly through vacuuming your floors just to have the force cord to your machine yanked from the electrical plug. At the point when looking for your vacuum make sure to component in force line length. (Min 25 feet is common). It is additionally a decent thought to pick a machine with a programmed retractable cord.

Canister vacuums

Canister vacuums take into consideration a simple move from floor covering to uncovered floors. They are likewise simple to move contrasted with an upright. Canisters likewise deal with stairs extremely well and accompany a heap of ready for. The exchange off for all that adaptability however is somewhat less suction force contrasted with an upright, particularly on floor coverings. Canisters are maladroit to store and will take up more storage room than an upright. In the event that you have a mixture of cover and exposed floors I prescribe putting resources into a full measured canister vacuum cleaner.

Upright vacuums

An upright will give you with more suction to less cash contrasted with a canister however they are fairly substantial and a try to move around. Uprights are minimal, giving simple stockpiling. A lion's share of upright vacuum cleaners fails to offer a completely fixed or post engine H.E.P.A filtration framework. On the off chance that you utilize your vacuum cleaner essentially on floor coverings or on the off chance that you regularly vacuum pet hair from rugs and upholstery then your best decision would be an upright.